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First Visit

The first thing that will happen at your first visit is your full history will be taken.

We’ll want to know everything that has happened that led up to this point: any and all injuries, surgeries, prior interventions, what makes it better, and what makes it worse.

Next, a Full Evaluation will be performed. This includes your Posture Analysis, Ranges of Motion Analysis, and any necessary Xrays will be taken.

In most cases, a Chiropractic Treatment will be performed. A Chiropractic Treatment includes a combination of massage work, soft tissue mobilization, gentle traction of joints that are misaligned, instrument assisted adjusting, and if necessary osseous adjustments will also be performed. 

Dr. Katie uses a variety of treatment techniques to best suit each individuals’ specific needs. 

Second Visit

Your second visit will be your Report of Findings Visit. This is where all of the results of your exam and first visit will be explained to you. You will be given a Condition Report, and if Xrays were taken, we will go over them with you. 

Your Report of Findings Visit is where we will also explain to you what your Care Plan will consist of: How many visits over how many weeks, What types of Treatment Modalities you will be receiving, as well as giving you specific stretches to help you reach your health goals. 

Another Chiropractic Treatment will be performed.

Regular Visits

Your care here will be a series of Chiropractic Treatments over the course of a few weeks.

A typical visit takes about 20 minutes.

Please wear comfortable clothing, avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, or jewelry. 


Re-Evaluations will be performed to track your progress. Your first Re-Evaluation will be performed after the initial series of Chiropractic Treatments have been performed. At this point you will also have been instructed on how to perform Therapeutic Exercises that are specifically designed for your unique body.

The frequency of Re-Evaluations are condition based and will be discussed during your care with us.