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Reviews for Riverside Chiropractic Health Center

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.
Dr. Katie L. Holstein

I used to walk around with rounded shoulders, and working as a hairdresser my back would be tired and spastic. With exercises given by Dr. Katie I am standing better and noticing that shoulders are in better positions. I am finding it easier to maintain better posture throughout the day. – Nancy M.

I’ve been able to increase the amount I can go for walks. – Alicia F.

I am pleased to recommend Dr. Katie Holstein and Riverside Chiropractic. Appointments are available at convenient times and no waiting. I went to Dr. Katie for severe pain in my left hip and lower back . Dr. diagnosed the problem ,took X-rays, and successfully treated the condition. I play golf and have been pain free. I will continue once a month for maintenance. Alissa, her assistant, is pleasant, helpful and gets you started immediately – Stephan L.

Dr. Katie has been amazing with our little 6 year old scoliosis warrior. In just 4 months of combined bracing and chiropractic care her curve has significantly reduced. She has given us high hopes of avoiding spinal surgery. We are looking forward to continued positive results! Thank you Dr. Katie! - Little Scoliosis Warrior
I have suffered from back pain for years and have always been skeptical about going to a chiropractor. I was never more wrong about anything in my life! After a short time my back is feeling so much better. Dr. Katie and Heather are amazing! I feel like I have gained two new friendships! - Joan J.
I am grateful to Dr. Katie for helping me relieve the pain in my lower back. Over the years I have sought lower back pain relief from all different medical professionals. In 2 months my back pain is a distant memory and I thank that all to Dr. Katie. She is a true master of her craft, with knowledge that goes beyond the chiropractic table. She helped me create a daily exercise routine that keeps me moving along the path of relief. Riverside Chiropractic Health Center is a state of the art, professional clinic that helped me get back to living a comfortable life free of pain. When you arrive you are greeted by Heather, who assists Dr. Katie on all other facets of the office. Her professionalism and kindness makes the office visit a wonderful experience. -TJ W.
I was in a lot of pain prior to seeing Dr. Katie. I couldn’t do anything, even simple everyday tasks like sitting down and standing up without excruciating pain. My primary care physician told me to take pain medication and when I still felt no relief I took a friend’s advice to see schedule an appointment with Dr. Katie. I was so grateful when her office kept me in mind when they had a cancellation and called me so that I could be seen earlier than my original scheduled appointment. After my first visit, Dr. Katie recommend some stretches for me, walking and using ice while at home. I listened to everything she said and went home and did all of it. The next morning when I awoke, I was expecting to start yet another day in excruciating pain and to my surprise I woke up and had no pain at all! I went from about a 9/10 on a pain scale to feeling a 0/10! Chiropractic care worked! I haven’t had to take the pain medication and I’m feeling so much relief after just one visit! - Linwood M.
I have suffered with a painful, stiff foot for years. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact location- sometimes the arch, sometimes the heel, sometimes the outside top, and sometimes my ankle. I don’t remember ever injuring it but it just progressively got worse until I was limping regularly and my instep became higher, making some shoes impossible to wear. The limp and pain began to negatively affect my quality of life, as I am a very physically active person. And the pain disrupted my sleep at night. I iced. I applied heat. I self diagnosed plantar fasciitis and spent money on expensive orthotics and a sleeping boot. I went to a podiatrist who diagnosed fallen arch and sold me a brace to support it. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with left perineal tendonitis and sold me an even more expensive brace. He explained that it was important to immobilize it until it could heal. But things only got worse. A year later I went to Dr. Katie because I felt that all the limping was effecting the way I walked and moved and I started having hip, low back, and neck pain. I mentioned my foot pain, never expecting her to do anything about it and I was skeptical that she could make a difference if she did. But in addition to treating my other complaints, she also started working on my foot and ankle each time I went. Even during my first foot treatment and adjustment, she had gotten some movement and was able to get my instep back in place. I noticed a difference leaving the office and walking out to my car. She suggested I use a foot roller and stretch the tightness between my appointments. I noticed a difference right away and as my treatment progressed, I have stopped limping and am pain free! I find it funny that the medical professional’s advice was to immobilize and Dr. Katie’s advice was the exact opposite…to get it moving, to work on it with massage, stretching, and adjustments! I’m actually amazed that I suffered for years but within weeks of starting treatment with Dr. Katie, I’ve found unexpected relief! - Cynthy F.
Dr. Katie is amazing! I used to have to pop pill after pill for my excruciating headaches 4-5 times a week for over a year and I have been pill free since going to her. I came in having a lot of excruciating pain where it hurt to move. Now I am starting to trust my body and feel whole again thanks to her amazing care. She is simply amazing.” - Natalie C.
I was suffering from severe stabbing pain in my lower back and abdomen for a year in a half. After seeing many different doctors with no relief, a friend recommended that I see Dr. Katie. At my first visit, Dr. Katie made me feel very comfortable and thoroughly explained everything to me. After just a few short visits, my condition has improved and I hardly have any pain. Today was the first day that I can truly say I have experienced relief since this condition began. It is a miracle! I am so grateful for Dr. Katie. I highly recommend Riverside Chiropractic to everyone. Not only is Dr. Katie a wonderful doctor, but her office staff is very kind, very helpful, and very patient. - Linda S.
Highly recommend Dr Katie to anyone. Her evaluation technique, treatment plan is state of the art. And, her office is welcoming and friendly. Thank you Dr. Katie! - Keith T.
I used to suffer from severe neck pain. My neck used to be very stiff and uncomfortable. After seeing Dr. Katie, I feel wonderful! She eased all of the tension and I am able to move my neck again. I have never met a doctor like her, she spent a lot of time with me and was very empathetic. She is the best there is! - Joanna D.
I had terrible neck pain when I first came to see Dr. Katie. It was so bad that I couldn’t even turn my head. After just a few visits, the pain is gone! This was my first experience with a chiropractor. Dr. Katie and her staff were so nice and pleasant. They explained everything and made me feel like I was at home! - Kristin G.
I have suffered with lower back pain for many years. Prior to seeing Dr. Katie I could only walk if I was hunched over. After only 3 sessions, I can actually walk straight and the pain has been reduced. Thank you Dr. Katie! - Rosemary G.
I visited Dr. Katie Holstein while visiting from Arizona. I had severe burning and stinging pain in my mid back, sciatica pain in my leg, as well as a hiatal hernia that was giving me a lot of trouble. Dr. Katie gives the most thorough chiropractic care that I have ever received in my life! She uses many techniques and is just a gentle spirit that brings healing just through her presence. She was able to eliminate my pain and put my hernia back below my diaphragm so that I was not experiencing any symptoms at all anymore. She is amazing. I think this is the best Chiropractor and overall health center in this area of Toms River or all of New Jersey! I don’t know if I’ll be able to find someone to match her skill and personality in Arizona. - Joann W.
Great office! Dr. Katie really cares about your all around well being. They always do their best to accommodate schedules and get you appointments. I went in for a pulled muscle in my neck and after a few adjustments, I felt 100% better! Highly recommend this practice! - Jen R.
For the past 2 years I have had to take pain medication including muscle relaxers everyday. After getting adjusted by Dr. Katie I haven’t used any pain medication in 2 weeks! After a 4 hour performance with my band, I have had zero low back pain! I didn’t think it would work that quickly, it really is amazing! - John A.
I have never experienced this level of customer service or care in a medical office. From the second I walked in I was surprised how welcoming the entire staff was. Even being greeted by the secretary who got up from the desk and walked around the wall to shake my hand and introduce herself. Dr. Holstein was equally as welcoming and thorough. I believe we have become so used to being a number and being rushed in and rushed out as patients that it really made me appreciate how different this experience was because I felt like I was being listened to and actually cared for. - Ashley A.
Stomach pain interfered with most of my social life, exercise and eating habits. I thought about it 24/7 and it bothered me for the majority of my day. I couldn’t live like that anymore. Chiropractic care has had the biggest impact on my life to date. I wish I would of came to Dr. Katie years ago. I’m thankful I stumbled across her website on google. She is the most caring doctor I’ve ever been to, a great listener and she tries to help you. I’m forever thankful for her patience and expertise. Everything about the office is wonderful. Great staff and great doctor. It is an extremely friendly environment and it has helped me a lot. Best thing I could have ever done for myself! - Anthony P.